Extract I from „Entschwörungstheorie“

Turning point between the seemingly open 90s and today’s massive re-entrenching was September 11th, 2001 of which quickly was said nothing would afterwards be the same it was before. That was equally quickly criticised as a premature statement – but 9/11 really determines the date on which the two already described political camps emerged from previously very different constellations. Both now regret different aspects of the state of 2000. For the „peace fraction“ the Bush clan has destroyed the anti-globalisation movement at the peak of its power by staging 9/11 or at least by the malicious triggering of culture clash and war. For the „civilisation defenders“ the islamist terrorists have thrown the world of tomorrow back into the totalitarian 20th century or the middle ages, for the communists among them these terrorists have turned back the revolution clock. On both sides there is the assumption of a wider conspiracy behind the events, a neoconservative or jewish-illuminati one here, a left-liberal or muslim-antichristian one there, though it is by far more present among the „peace fraction“.

They all share the view that 9/11 destroyed something good or at least something hopeful and that those responsible for it are their arch enemies. Also, they agree that 9/11 revealed where everybody stands politically and also where they had stood before, which previously held views now had to lead into which of the two camps.

In this heated-up situation there is an emotionalised and appalingly fact-resistant debate going on. The assumption alone that beyond the actual suspects there are historical culprits to be identified already carries the gristle of ideological conspiratorial thinking.

Don't fight the players - fight the game!

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